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A forerunner in coffee culture, Anne&Max's living rooms offer the perfect combination of hospitality and commitment to sustainability. Here you will not only find the very best direct trade coffee, but also a menu of organic and seasonal produce. We do not believe in imposing restrictions, but in motivating you to eat more consciously through positive incentives!

By Anne


Your living room

From the moment we opened our doors in Haarlem in 2005, Anne&Max has been a living room in the city. (We were already making cappuccinos when you were still scooping the milk foam on them!). We do this based on our values: open, honest, caring, involved and respectful. If something doesn't meet these ... we don't do it. This passion has helped us expand to 29 locations throughout the Netherlands by the end of 2023.

For that reason we have mostly organic, biodynamic, fair trade, direct trade or just really good, honest products with a special story. Because although everything is different from when we started and our first business is not comparable to our last opened establishment. Our standards and values have remained the same and are still current! We want to be flexible in everything, always changing and bending with it, as long as it meets our mission and fits within our standards. We consider that of great value.

Anne&Max's CSR report

We are a living room for our guests, creating small moments of carefree happiness and security while taking good care of everything that makes that happiness possible. To ensure our mission, every year we prepare a CSR report (which stands for Corporate Social Responsibility). In this report you can read all about our (achieved) goals of the past year and what goals Anne&Max has for 2024.

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In addition to all the great collaborations we have with sustainable companies and a transparent coffee chain, Anne&Max is also planet-friendly. That means our products are both good for the planet, and good for you. The products are healthy and made without unnecessary additives, our menu is over 95% organic and 75% vega, and we are completely avocado-free. We have direct contact with the producers of our products, who are always committed to the preservation of people and nature. And all for one reason; so that everything that tastes good, also feels good!

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