Mission and vision

We are a living room for our guests, creating small moments of carefree happiness and security while taking good care of everything that makes that happiness possible.

Our vision is to grow into a leading (inter)national chain of living rooms to, guided by our values, positively connect as many people as possible within our target group at any time of the day, online and offline; guests, local residents, employees and suppliers.

The best opportunities
come when you least expect it

You’re just getting used to being single, only to run into the love of your life in the supermarket, while dressed in your painting overalls….

It’s often like that; the best opportunities come when you least expect it. Personally, I finally found the property where I wanted to start the first Anne&Max when I had just received the best career proposal ever. And I chose… Anne&Max.

Wobbe van Zoelen is only 15 years old when he’s already dreaming of a new hospitality concept. A business that should feel like a living room and where you feel welcome every day. Where people can work all day, meet up or sit quietly in the sun with a good cup of coffee. The idea always stayed in his head and immediately after graduating, he started writing a well thought-out business plan one day a week. In 2005, he opened the first Anne&Max in Haarlem. Today, Anne&Max has 28 branches, 27 of which are franchises. Here, everything revolves around hospitality and good products with a special story.

The Anne&Max franchisee

Entrepreneurship at Anne&Max

We strongly believe in local entrepreneurship. The franchisee’s distinctiveness lies in seeing local opportunities, creating a positive working atmosphere, building an educational business where talents can develop and recognising and acknowledging guests.

The franchisee

You enjoy living in and moving around the city and have a large social network. Your friends like to invite you for their birthdays, as you’re always exciting to hang out with. Preferably, you have relevant managerial/entrepreneurial experience in the hospitality industry or related field. You are hospitable and strive for the best quality every day. Open and honest are words that describe you and if you love coffee as much as we do, we can’t wait to talk to you!

Our promises to you

We support our franchise entrepreneurs with advice, manuals, training, well-functioning systems and targeted marketing actions and promotions to execute the concept optimally and profitably. 

We involve our franchise entrepreneurs and partners in our vision and strategy. By working together and sharing knowledge in entrepreneurship, together we form a learning organisation that works on improvement and progress every day.   

We develop the brand and the concept structurally and adapt to current times to always be relevant and attractive to our target group.   

Anne&Max franchise information

Are you exploring and gathering information about franchising in the hospitality industry? Then fill in the form below and receive the Anne&Max franchise information brochure without obligation and read all about doing business at Anne&Max at your leisure.

    Anne&Max experience

    Anne&Max is the living room in town where our guests feel at home at any time of the day. Lose yourself in the lounge chairs with a good book or newspaper. At the reading table, there’s plenty of space to play a game with friends. The garden room is an oasis of calm. You can enjoy people-watching at the tables by the window and catch up at the sofas over a cup of coffee.

    The music matches the time of day and the colours provide a warm feeling. The Anne&Max experience sets us apart from other concepts. The experience can’t be summarised in one sentence. The Anne&Max experience can be found in everything we do, from our menu, the decor, a post on Instagram to the choice of napkin.


    At Anne&Max, we have nothing to hide. All products are prepared within sight of the guests. The trained baristas attentively pour cappuccinos, the hot croissants are just coming out of the oven while a large super club sandwich is being prepared.

    Our products are pure, organic and/or fair trade whenever possible, freshly prepared and in accordance with the season. We work closely with local businesses that produce artisanal products with a focus about sustainability. A number of products are prepared especially for us at Anne&Max’s request. For example, the men from Keen Coffee roast the best organic Arabica coffee beans for Anne&Max and BroodCompany bakes beautiful organic sourdough breads in accordance with Anne&Max’s recipe. The brand is also supported with our own products such as our coffees, teas, re-usable cups and mugs for the home. These products are on sale in the branches, but can also be ordered online and delivered throughout the Netherlands. 

    Marketing and communication

    Anne&Max’s communication contributes strongly to our experience. Through our online and offline channels, Anne and Max talk to each other.  This consistently implemented communication style emphasises our distinctive character and leads to great enthusiasm among our guests.

    We also invest a lot of attention to the design of the menu. Every six months, we look for a special artist who can create a unique work of art for Anne&Max that truly shines on the table. 


    Anne&Max chooses locations in major cities in the Netherlands with a diversity of target groups. A busy shopping street, the presence of a college and business services, in and around the city centre. The location must be easily accessible, both on foot and by bicycle. This way, our guests can also stop by for breakfast or coffee to-go on their way to work or school. A true meeting place in the city.

    We prefer to be located in an authentic (corner) building with large windows for lots of natural light. A terrace is ideal for enjoying lunch or an iced cappuccino in the sun in summer as well.

    Annes and Maxes

    Our values and experience are expressed only with top-notch employees; therefore, they are intensively trained by the franchisee using the Anne&Max Academy, a comprehensive package of training courses hosted in the workplace itself and quarterly training sessions organised by Anne&Max. Our goal is to acknowledge guests every day with a genuine smile and serve them with enthusiasm.

    All training sessions are aimed at guaranteeing consistent quality and service through standardised working methods. Constant investment in our employees through training, inspiration and rewards has created a committed and enthusiastic corporate culture.